Air Wales

If you are looking to fly to an exotic foreign location for your holidays there, or if you are a frequent flyer for business purposes, you will be interested in the new Air Wales website, an excellent portal where you can find out information on UK airports and book flights and other amenities on line.

The Air Wales site is unique in that it contains details and information, along with a bit of history, of every single UK airport; from the major players such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted to the busier provincial airports such as Manchester and Leeds-Bradford there is much information for you to use, and even the smaller UK airports – the likes of Exeter, Inverness, Newcastle and Norwich – are catered for at Air Wales.

Often it pays to fly from lesser airports as they tend to be used by the modern day phenomenon that leads the air industry – the low cost budget airline – and some of the smaller airports are easily reachable and have a number of excellent destinations as standard scheduled flights. Sometimes they also offer a wide range of charter options that can be more cost effective than flying from one of the major airports.

The website also offers information on the facilities available in the airports themselves, and the ability to book not only flights but car hire transactions, too, all in one easy to use and very convenient website package.

Many of the provincial airports are undergoing expansion with plans to improve access and facilities high on the agenda, and there is much information to be found at the Air Wales website in relation to such information. Information on cheap flights, airport parking and much more – as well as the ability to pre-book tickets and packages – is also available and simple to use.

With many of the more remote airports within easy reach of major population centres – East Midlands airport, for instance, is very close to the major road networks and close to the cities of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester thus making it an excellent place for much of the Midlands to find the perfect flight – the information on the Air Wales site will be of much use to many people, and you may be surprised at how easy it is to find a flight to a domestic or overseas destination from an airport near you.

For businesses frequent air travel can be a cost effective method for executives to move around the country; the Air Wales site tells you of flights to and from domestic airports from all the provincial and major airports in the UK – including those in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and, of course, Wales – and is useful for anyone looking for an alternative means of travel to either road or rail. With the low cost airlines leading the way you may be surprised at how affordable flying is in the 21st century.

The convenience of the Air Wales site is sure to make it a popular place for people looking to book flights and cheap holidays, rent a car or just gather information on local airports – make sure you bookmark it for future use.

Disclaimer: This website is not associated with Air Wales Ltd.